Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bump products, Car Bumper Protection

Bump Products is an Australian Manufacturer of unique Do It Yourself ( DIY) Car or SUV,s Bump Products attached by way of special double sided adhesive tapes to minimize minor car damage to front Bumper Bars, Rear Bumper Bars and Car doors. Placed on cars at places that have been proven in smash repairs, these products have saved Australian car owners considerable expense and lost time in repair shops.

Made of a plastised rubber compound, with a soft but firm feel ,these products protect damage to front bumper bars ,corners of front and rear  bumper bars and the Top of a Rear Bumper Bar ,also when opening your car door  inside a car garage ,or next to another vehicle the car door protector protects other cars from getting hit from your car door and also protects your car door from being chipped at the edge.

The car door protectors come in various  colours to blend in with the colour of your car and also have reflectors that shine when other car lights at night time hit them. Their unique modern design compliments your car.

All products have been tested in hot and cold conditions in Australia ,they are UV compliant under the conditions tested in the factory and on the highway .Some of our old products are still being seen on cars that have seen better days ,all major Australian Automotive Aftermarket Accessories stores stock these bump products. BumpProducts is the only Manufacturer in the World of a range of soft products  that minimizes minor car damage that saves money and time in repair shops.